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World Standards Day Celebrated


"International Standards Ensure positive change"

Ethiopian standard Agency celebrated World Standard Day by organizing    a discussion forum with its stakeholders and customers on 10 October 2013   at Harmony Hotel, Addis Ababa. The International Standards Day will be marked for the 44th time internationally and 17th time locally. The day being celebrated under a theme" International standards Ensure positive change."

Speaking on the occasion,   Mr. Abdissa Yilma, Technology advisor of   Minstry of Science and Technology opens  the discussion forum on behalf of   Honorable Minister Demitu Hambesia, appreciated the fact that the Agency is working seriously to preparing new national standards for every sector  from local products we  utilized daily in our home  like Injera to  huge construction projects and  government purchases .

 He pointed out, During the GTP,the agency is working to prepare 10,000 Ethiopian standards.

 Abdissa also pointed out the implementation of compulsory standards should be given   huge priority since they have a direct relation with Nation's health and security and the Agency has to work hard on it.

Agency Director General Mrs .  Almaz kahsay on her part said standards bring technological, economic and societal benefits. This means they help to harmonize technical specifications of products and services making industry more efficient and breaking down international trade.

  That setting up standards for goods and services is essential    to advance   the economy of the county transforming the country to a better level by improving  effectiveness and competitiveness so that its products could enter into the international markets.

 She also mentioned that, the custom of using standards   in Ethiopia is   in the early stage of development as compared to developed countries   and most suppliers dump their products and Services   under the name of free market economic system as a result of this   they affected our   public safety .The Agency is striving  to prepare standards for these products  and services.

 On the Other Hand, Agency standard Development  Directorate Director  Mr. Legesse Gebre explained that the plan to prepare 10,000 standards during the GTP is well in progress. The plan is formulated because most of the goods and services produced in the country have not had standards, he said.

 One of the seven strategies of the agency is increasing the number of compulsory standards and influencing executive bodies to implement standards.

He also said that currently there are 122 compulsory standards which are formulated in accordance with WTO-TBT requirements.

 Besides compulsory standards, the agency is working to expand voluntary standards.

Opening session of the discussion electronic and print media journalists gave a comprehensive coverage of the event.

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Ethiopia Celebrated 43rd World Standards Day


The Ethiopian Standards Agency celebrated the 43rd World Standards Day, launched by ISO, IEC and ITU by conducting workshop to raise awareness among stakeholders on 9 October 2012 at the Harmony Hotel.

Ato Abedisa Yilma the Technology Advisor from the Ministry of Science & Technology passed his message on behalf of the Minister saying that it is an opportune and convenient time for us to reflect on the roles of standards and focus on the theme "less, waste, better results – standards increase efficiency.
He added that one of the key lessons which we should learn on this Day is to be competitive in the global market by facilitating trade against compliance of standards. The initiative would help for technology transfer and innovation to boost the productivity of local industries and support economic development of Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian Standards Agency Deputy Director General Wro Almaz Kahsay, stated in her speech that the international celebration of World Standards Day each year on October 14 brings the recognition and importance of standardization.  She stated that standards help organizations maximize profits and meet their goals, and achieve competitive economic environment. Lastly, Wro Almaz urged manufacturers and services providers to standardize their products and services thereby helping consumers ensure product safety and warranty.
Discussions were held among stakeholders on issues of standardization, and the event was widely covered by different media highlighting on the World Standards Day theme.

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Agency starts lobby to incorporate standards in the curriculum


 A half day conference was held on May 7, 2013 at Addis Ababa University in  the facility of Business and Economics hall. The Conference was conducted by the Ethiopian Standards Agency in collaboration with Addis Ababa University to mainstream standards in the curriculum of the university education.

 The conference was opened by the Addis Ababa University vice academic president Dr. Jailu, Umar,said  Standards have a great role in enhancing the development of social and economical development.
 He also said for continuous development of the country standards play vital roles, hence the higher institution of Ethiopia should participate in the preparation of standards by supporting the Agency in all capacity they have. So, having these ideas higher institution could incorporate standards in the curriculum and enhance the collaboration of higher education with industries of the country. 
"On the behalf Addis Ababa University, I can say that the university will be committed to continue its collaboration with the Agency to achieve the designed goal of the country," he added.
 On the other hand, Standard development directorate director, Ato Legesse Gebre has made a brief presentation about the concept of standards and its attachment with the life of humankinds. 
Ato legesse said that universities are   institution of higher education and research which grants Academic degree in variety of subjects.  So if our indigenous and adopted international standards preparation unit is supported by these educated generation, our society will have access to quality products, health and protected environment.
 He also added "Standard is an economic agent that touches the social and economic aspects of the society by creating mutual understanding and avoiding trade barriers."